Our Philosophy

Craftsmanship and high quality raw materials.

Our company specializes in the production of sweets and ice cream, all of them are handcrafted which is our quality and goodness guarantee. Our ice cream shop is able to satisfy all palates, from the most traditional to the most demanding, which love the most refined tastes. We also produce delicious nougats with candied fruit or covered with delicate fine milk chocolate and extra dark chocolate. The production of chocolate is another element that distinguishes us; we are aware that chocolate lovers demand the highest quality, and we are able to guarantee it.

genis dolciaria teramo
pianta di cocoa

High quality raw materials

The food of the gods has now become part of our life with its different aromas that come from a cocoa bean. This generates a unique experience that involves the five senses.


pezzetti di cioccolata

Geni’s is Italian artisan chocolate

Born from years of experience in the confectionery sector, we created a wide range of high quality items. We are sure that our products say more than a thousand words since we use pure cocoa.

Geni’s was born in 1974, then handed down from father to son. Each year Geni’s get more specialized in the production of Easter eggs and artisan nougat. Thanks to the collaboration of experts in the confectionery sector, we have been able to create a wide range of top quality products. Therefore, we are sure to satisfy the demands of all palates.


“The constant search for authenticity and true flavors drives our production. We only choose reliable suppliers who respect our company philosophy.”

— Danilo Spiriticchio, Geni’s General Manager

Geni’s Signature

We follow ancient artisan recipes to make our products. We respect raw materials in order to offer a unique and authentic taste that at the same time preserves all the aspects related to health and nutrition. Therefore, our products are made without the use of palm oil and hydrogenated fats.

gelato artiginale con pezzi di cioccolato

Come and visit us

We are open!

cornetto artigianale alla vaniglia con biscotto
bigne al cioccolato

Geni’s is always  greener!

Committed to eco-sustainability, we use renewable energy for our production and provide a free electrical column at our Basciano store.


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