Artisan Icecream

Artisan Icecream

Geni’s constantly engages in the production of ice creams that are attentive to the needs of the customer and to his satisfaction, giving maximum care in the choice of ingredients, healthy and wholesome.
From an attractive and inviting look, the productions are ready to be exhibited and served. Rich in variety of tastes, they represent a perfect combination of quality and taste.

“Food” Line

The ice cream, thanks to its high nutritional value, deserves to be considered a real and precious food. Geni’s offers multiple solutions, various in taste and color, respectful of the classic formula, based on milk, egg yolk and sugar, to provide important nutrients for the body.

“Bar” Line

Through a punctual and personalized distribution network, Geni’s delivers products throughout the country and offers customers the opportunity to choose the quantity to be purchased with the o er of different solutions. The distribution takes place with company cars carefully maintained to guarantee the best hygiene conditions and adequate transport.


“Gluten Free and Delatoped” Ice Cream Line

gelato grangusto saluteGrangusto Salute is the innovative line of fully digestible ice creams with high digestibility because lactose-free, gluten-free and fat-free or animal-derived ingredients. These ice creams can be consumed by those who have intolerances or allergies to lactose, milk proteins and gluten. Grangusto Salute is perfect even for vegetarians, vegans and for all those people who follow a healthy diet, but without compromising with taste!
Designed for moments of gluttony, to finally enjoy a good homemade ice cream, enjoy all its exquisiteness, but without feeling weighed down, guilty or with problems of health and digestion.
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